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Easy Trout Cooking Recipes


So, you’ve gone out trout fishing, and you’ve caught a couple big ones to bring home to the family this Fall. Your biggest worry is how you’ll be able to impress your family with cooking the trout for a delicious dinner. Here is an easy way to make your trout dinner taste great for the family!

Pan-Fried Cooking

After you’ve cleaned out the fish and prepared it for cooking, which should take you only a little bit of time if you’re good at cleaning, you’ll want to grab a big plate and mix bread crumbs, garlic, parsley, oregano, red pepper flakes, lemon, and salt.

Mix mustard and lemon in a bowl and then paint it on both sides of the fish. Then, spread the bread crumb mix on the fish, so it will stick to the sauce. Pre-heat the oven to 250 degrees F. Use a large skillet and put olive oil in it. Bring the pan to a medium-high heat and cook the fish for about 6 minutes. Flip the fish on the other side and brown it for 2 minutes.

Transfer the fish to the warm pre-heated oven and remove the oil and grease from the pan. Mix in butter and some remaining lemon juice. Take the fish out of the oven and serve on a plate, while drizzling the butter and lemon juice sauce on top!

Reverse Sear

Reverse searing meats like thick steak has been quite popular among chefs and cooking enthusiasts. It’s one of the best ways to cook meat for the best tasting and tender meat. This can also be applied to cooking fish like trout depending on the thickness. Usually, reverse searing is meant for thicker cut meats, but you can still apply it to trout. You’ll just have to adjust the cooking time, so you don’t overcook the fish. Check out some cooking magazines for information on reverse searing meats and maybe apply it to your fish. This is a tricky one, but it could be a great experimental project for you to try with your fish!

Slater’s Jigs

For all your fishing essentials and needs, Slater’s Jigs is the place to go. We have been serving Indianola, Mississippi with the highest quality crappie fishing gear and accessories. Contact Slater’s Jigs at 800-748-8711 today!


Fishing for Beginners


Fishing is one of the most relaxing activities to do, especially in the summer. If you’re considering fishing for the first time, it’s good to orient yourself to some tips and tricks of the trade. You don’t have to be an expert, but it’s important to be somewhat prepared before going out because you will probably get frustrated and give up quickly. Fishing takes patience and discipline. If you understand this, your experience will be much more enjoyable.


Here are some tips to take before you dive into fishing:

First and foremost, you should make sure you acquire a fishing rod. If you have one already, do a little research on how to use one. I know this may seem very obvious, but some people don’t know how to properly cast a line. This is one of the most important things to fishing.

By doing research before getting out there, you can discover which equipment is right for you to start out with. Simpler reels and rods are good to begin with.

Bait and Jigs – In Indianola, Mississippi, Slater’s Jigs provides the fishing community with a one-stop jig shop for crappie fishing, bream fishing, trout fishing, and ice fishing. This is a place where you will get the service and help you need if you’re a beginner deciding on the right bait and jigs to fish with. We provide fishing gear approved by fishing champions from everywhere.

Location is key – choosing the right location to fish or start out fishing is definitely important. You never want to give up quickly because you’re impatient. If you’re in the right location and using the right techniques, you’ll be satisfied with the process. Refer to our last blog post for the best places to fish in and around Indianola, Mississippi.

What to wear – wearing boots is a good idea, especially being near the water. You may need to wade in the water at some points. Bring extra clothes just in case of a change in weather conditions.

Things to bring – the essentials include fishing rod, bait and gear, and the appropriate clothing. The other items you should consider bringing are:

  • Food – bring a lunch or snacks because it may be a longer day than you think. Always bring extra drinks including water because the weather could be hot, which will make you thirsty. You never want to be dehydrated on a fishing adventure.
  • Bug Spray – there will be plenty of bugs out when you are near the water. Make sure to pack some bug spray. This will help you to not lose your mind if the bugs are out and about.
  • Small First aid kit – this comes in handy if you get a cut or scrape, as well as headaches and other minor medical issues that might occur while fishing.

Fishing out on the water

If you’re planning on sitting out on the water on a canoe or a kayak to fish, you should be prepared because safety is your number one priority in this situation. It can be just as peaceful and relaxing to be out on the water as it is sitting on the shore. There are other factors to be aware of though. It’s always a good idea to wear a life vest when in a canoe or kayak. You could be a great swimmer, but if you’re out alone on the water, anything can happen, and it’s good to be careful.

Don’t forget these essential fishing gear items

  • Fishing net
  • Long-nose pliers
  • Knives
  • Ice chest
  • Tape measure
  • Fishing license
  • Waterproof bag/box
  • Multitool

Slater’s Jigs

For all your fishing essentials and needs, Slater’s Jigs is the place to go. We have been serving Indianola, Mississippi with the highest quality crappie fishing gear and accessories. Contact Slater’s Jigs at 800-748-8711 today!

Best places to Fish Around Indianola, Mississippi


There’s something very calming and peaceful about fishing. It releases tension and stress in a word that is filled with it. Mississippi has some of the finest spots for fishing crappie, trout, bream, and more in lakes, ponds, rivers, and creeks. Get out this summer and grab fishing gear at the Ultimate Jig Shop, Slater’s Jigs!


Here Are the Best Spots

Mississippi provides some amazing fishing spots for everyone to enjoy.

  • Leroy Percy State Park
  • Great River Road State Park
  • Holmes County State Park
  • George P. Cossar State Park
  • Hugh White State Park
  • Lefleurs Bluff State Park
  • John W. Kyle State Park

Mississippi offers freshwater fishing in 119 public lakes and is home to incredible crappie fishing. Check out the fishing rules and regulations for your next trip in and around the state of Mississippi.  

Be Prepared for Your Fishing Adventure

At Slater’s Jigs, we offer World Champion Crappie Fishing Jogs, as well as a variety of High-Quality Crappie Fishing Gear and Accessories. You always want to be prepared for your fishing adventure, so the best gear is necessary for your trip. Even if it’s a quick day trip, don’t forget the important things. Here are some items you should bring with you.

  • Hat
  • Extra socks in case they get wet
  • Extra shoes
  • Waders- if you plan to go into the water
  • Pants – instead of shorts because they are better protection
  • Jacket/vest with pockets
  • Windbreaker and a rain jacket
  • A change of clothes
  • Towel

Fishing Gear – remember to bring fishing net, long-nose pliers, knives, ice chest, tape measure, fishing license, waterproof bag, map, first-aid kit, sunscreen, sunglasses, and insect spray.

Before going to your regular fishing spot in Mississippi, check out all the different bodies of water the state has to offer because you may find another spot that provides a bigger population of fish that you are trying to catch. Contact Slater’s Jigs at 800-748-8711 for more information on our jigs and baits that you may need on your fishing adventure!

Summer Fishing Tips for Trout


Summer fishing is one of the most relaxing activities you can do after a long work week. Everyone who fishes trout, or any other fish is trying to get better at catching more and more. Slater’s Jigs wants you to have the best tips for catching trout this summer.  


Here are the best tips:

Time of Day – When fishing in the summer, it can get pretty hot when you’re out on the water. It’s always good to try and go fishing early morning or at dusk. For your sake, this will make the trip more comfortable. This also helps because trout feed early and late. They will tend to swim to deeper waters when the bright sunlight during the day is beating down on the water.

Location – Inlets and outlets are the locations you should be focusing on. Trout are drawn to these areas because they transport oxygen, food, cool water and nutrients into the lakes. An extra push of water from a recent rainstorm will bring the bugs and insects in. Springs in high mountain lakes and natural ponds are great places that are often overlooked for catching trout.

Change it up – Don’t do what you normally do. Try and use different lures and baits to attract the trout. Sometimes when you mix things up, the results are better. Another thing to keep in mind is you may want to go to those trout fishing spots you’ve never been before. This could help in finding more trout, and if there are less people in these places, it may be beneficial to you to catch more.

Slater’s Jigs – Ultimate Jig Shop

Slater’s Jigs is your ultimate jig shop. We supply you with the best jigs and bait for trout fishing and other types of fishing. If you’re looking to mix up your fishing techniques this summer, contact Slaters Jigs at 800-748-8711 today!

How Does Fishing Relieve Stress?


It’s obvious that fishing can help get you away from the daily stresses of life considering it takes a good amount of concentration and time to catch a fish.  You need to be focused and patient, which will take your mind off the nonsense going on in your life.

It Breaks the Routine

Daily life consists of working, saving money, paying bills, running errands, and looking forward to the weekend.  It can progressively take a toll on your mental and physical health. Fishing on the weekends or on a day off can break that routine and reset your mind. 

Here are some reasons why it will help the stressful life:

  • You’re with nature
  • It can be a bonding moment (friends, family)
  • Gets you away from the digital world
  • It takes focus & concentration
  • Calls for a great sleep afterwards
  • It teaches patience
  • Sense of determination followed by accomplishment

No one going out fishing should expect to be only fishing for an hour.  If you enjoy fishing or want to take it up as a hobby to get away from the world, expect it to take some extra effort out of you.

Being Near Water

Getting out on the water away from the shore is our mind tricking us that we are escaping from the material world of our stresses.  This is a good thing.  Even just being close to the water will release your mind of anxiety. It’s no wonder why we vacation to sandy beaches and warm weather. It can maybe take your whole day up, so it’s best to have cleared your schedule. But, even just a few hours can help reset your mind to think clearer and ease stress.

For all your fishing jig needs, contact Slater’s Jigs at 800-748-8711!

The Benefits of Soft Plastic Baits


If you want to make your next fishing trip a successful one, it’s important for you to choose the right jigs and baits to bring along.  Of course, this is often easier said than done. Even if you have a ton of success with one particular type of jig during a trip, that doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful with it when you use it the next time.

Soft plastic baits have become one of the most popular choices among anglers. There are many benefits that come along with using soft plastic baits over other jigs and baits in certain situations. Take a look at a few of those benefits below.

They come in almost every color imaginable.

One of the first things that you’ll notice when you start using soft plastic baits is that they come in a million and one different colors. Many even feature a few colors. This will really come in handy if you’re fishing in dirty or murky waters. You’ll be able to keep a closer eye on your bait while fishing. The baits will also be more attractive to fish when you get them into the water.

They’re available in many shapes and sizes.

Whether you want small soft plastic baits or soft plastic baits that are on the larger size, you won’t have any problem finding them. You can also find soft plastic baits in many different shapes. They’ll maintain their shape over time and will prove to be plenty durable, no matter how much you use them.

Their softness encourages fish to hang onto them for longer.

Soft plastic baits look and feel a lot more realistic than some other types of baits. As a result, most fishermen will tell you that fish will hang onto them for longer periods of time. This will increase your chances of bringing fish on board when you rely on soft plastic baits.

Slater’s Jigs can provide you with a couple different kinds of soft plastic baits, including WhatZit Jigs and Teaser Tail Tube Jigs. Call us at 800-748-8711 today to order some before your next fishing adventure

An Overview of Crappie Fishing


Crappie fishing has become very popular over the years. That’s due in large part to the fact that you don’t necessarily need to be the most skilled or experienced angler to pull in crappie. Unlike fishing for bass or carp that can frustrate you to no end, crappie aren’t overly aggressive and won’t put up the same kind of fight that some other species of fish will. It allows more fishermen to get in on the action and have success.

A Crappie Fishing Tradition for Many

Crappie fishing has also turned into a tradition for many people across the country because of how readily accessible it is. There are thousands of waterways filled with crappie just waiting to be caught. You do need to be a little bit gentle when fishing for crappie since it’s not uncommon for fishermen to accidentally rip hooks right through their mouths while reeling them in. It’s why some refer to crappie by the nickname “papermouth.” But full-grown crappie can get to be as big as 10 inches long, which means they’re not the smallest fish you’ll find in your local waterway.

The Best Times for Crappie Fishing

Most fishermen prefer to fish for crappie in the spring and fall. Nevertheless, in many parts of the U.S., you can fish for them year-round. When you do it, it’s a good idea to use a light line as opposed to a line that’s on the bulky side. You should also carefully consider which jigs you use when you’re chasing crappie. You don’t need the fanciest fishing gear in the world to reel crappie in, but the right jig will make the process slightly easier and allow you to enjoy fishing for crappie more.

Make Sure You Have the Right Crappie Fishing Jigs!

Are you preparing to fish for crappie soon? Slater’s Jigs has crappie fishing jigs, rods, reels, and more. Call us at 800-748-8711 today to take advantage of our large inventory of crappie fishing supplies.

How Selecting the Right Jig Can Help You Catch Bass


Do you want to start bringing in more bass during your fishing outings? The key to success might be to select the right jigs for the job. Believe it or not, simply switching up the jigs you’re using now could yield much better results and make your fishing trips a lot more fun. Here are a few of the ways in which selecting the right jig can help you catch bass.

Test out different-colored jigs.

There are a lot of fishermen who stick with the classic colors when they’re using jigs. They tend to use black and blue jigs and don’t venture very far off that path. But the truth is that you can increase the number of bass that you’re able to bring in by going with something a little brighter. Test out some of the different-colored jigs that are available to you to see what kinds of results you get with them.

Watch how much action jig trailers provide.

Many fishermen consider trailers to be the backbones of jigs. They’ll tell you that it’s important for you to pick jigs with the right trailers based on the situation. For example, it’s usually a good idea to go with jig trailers that don’t offer much action when the water you’re fishing in is on the colder side. Bass seem to flock towards these types of jigs in cooler conditions. But it’s usually a good idea to take the opposite approach when water is on the warmer side and use jig trailers that offer more action. That could increase your chances of bringing in more bass.

Keep a close eye on jigs in the water.

One of the only downsides of using jigs is that there are inevitably going to be times when bass bite on them without you feeling it. Because of this, it’s essential for you to keep a very close eye on jigs when they’re in the water, especially when you first cast them out. Otherwise, you could catch a bass almost right away and not realize it until it’s too late. By keeping your eyes peeled, you’ll be able to see a bass attack your jig so that you can get to work on reeling it in.

Jigs are something that every fisherman needs to have in their tackle box. Stock yours with jigs from Slater’s Jigs. Call us at 800-748-8711 today to order any of the jigs you see on our site.


Easy Snack Ideas for Your Next Fishing Trip


Homemade Trail Mix SnackWe all know the feeling: you’ve been out on the water for hours, with the warm sun or cold wind beating down on you and plenty of fish to catch, but you’re starting to get hungry! A fishing trip, especially for beginners, can be a tough thing to pack for at first.

Thankfully, there are plenty of snacks that you can bring along on a fishing trip that are hassle-free and delicious.

Here are a few snack ideas to keep in mind:

Simple Sandwiches

This should be an obvious one. Making a cold cut sandwich or a PB&J is the easiest thing to bring along in a plastic Ziploc bag. You can keep it simple, with turkey and cheese; make it more protein-packed, with peanut or almond butter; or go gourmet with some more toppings. Just make sure whatever you’re packing can withstand the test of time and bring a small cooler along if necessary.

Chips and Pretzels

We love these snacks because you can easily take them anywhere and they come in a secure, sealed bag of their own. (Or get smaller, individual bags if you’re going out with the family!) Chips and pretzels are a perfect snack for being out on the water because they are filling and pack a lot of long-lasting flavor. A crunchy snack is a must but be prepared to share! 

Trail Mix and Granola Bars

Think of a fishing expedition like a hike—what would you bring out on a long walk to sustain your energy and keep you full? Probably something along the lines of trail mix, granola bars, or other protein snacks that are specifically designed to satisfy your hunger. You can even get creative and make your own trail mix to fit your taste.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and use your next fishing trip as an opportunity to experiment with different snacks and meals.

Remember to visit Slater’s Jigs before heading out on your next trip. We are proud to be your one stop crappie fishing shop with world famous fishing poles, reels, and jigs.

Safety Tips for Winter Fishing


Man Ice Fishing in WinterMany people consider the winter to be the off-season for fishing. And while, yes, less people fish in the winter, that doesn’t mean it’s not an opportune time to hit the open water.

If you are considering fishing this winter, consider these safety tips to ensure that you avoid potential danger.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Dress Appropriately

This one is a no-brainer. If you’re going out to fish in the winter, you must keep in mind that you’ll likely be out there for hours in cold temperatures. That means that your clothing better match the occasion. Make sure you dress in layers and stay dry. The minute you let the cold in, it won’t get out which could make or break your fishing experience.

Bring Someone with You

While we understand that fishing is often enjoyed in solitude, fishing in the winter is a different story. You face different threats of cold and ice in those winter months, and so having a companion is often recommended for anyone going out regardless of experience. That way, in case anything happens, you’ll be better prepared.

Have a Life Jacket on Hand

This one is very important. A life jacket should be essential if you’re planning to fish in the winter, due to any accidents or emergencies. Even if you don’t think you could ever possibly fall into the ice-cold water, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus, it’ll keep you a little warmer too!

Don’t Push Yourself

And finally, a word of advice: know your limit. If you’re experiencing pain from the cold, or it’s getting dark out, pack up your things for the day. You don’t want to overextend yourself and enter a situation you might regret later.

If you’re planning on doing some fishing this winter, be sure to keep these safety tips in mind and enjoy yourself. Don’t forget, Slater’s Jigs is your one stop crappie fishing shop.


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