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Don’t Make These Cold Weather Crappie Fishing Mistakes


Some anglers may have already put their poles away for the winter, but if you really love crappie fishing, a little cold weather isn’t going to stop you. If you’re planning on doing some cold-weather crappie fishing this season, you should avoid making a few common mistakes to maximize your chances of success.

Don't Expect Quick Results

Once it starts to get cold outside, crappie metabolism slows down considerably. As a result, the fish make an effort to expend less energy. This means that you’re probably not going to catch crappie quickly in cold weather. This time of year, crappie fishing requires a little more patience than it does in the summer. If you have this in mind when going out, you're fishing trip won't be as anxious. 

Use Smaller Bait

You might think you’re doing crappie a favor by offering them large bait, but because they eat less during the winter, you’ll probably have better luck with small bait. Keep this in mind when choosing bait, and consider using either a 1/32-ounce jig or smaller-sized minnows.

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Casting Your Line in Deep Water

In the wintertime, crappie will often convene in deeper waters to hide out. When they’re ready to eat, however, they’ll typically head for shallow water in the middle of the day. If you’re having trouble catching fish in the morning, try fishing in shallow waters when the water warms up in the afternoon.

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