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Easy Snack Ideas for Your Next Fishing Trip


Homemade Trail Mix SnackWe all know the feeling: you’ve been out on the water for hours, with the warm sun or cold wind beating down on you and plenty of fish to catch, but you’re starting to get hungry! A fishing trip, especially for beginners, can be a tough thing to pack for at first.

Thankfully, there are plenty of snacks that you can bring along on a fishing trip that are hassle-free and delicious.

Here are a few snack ideas to keep in mind:

Simple Sandwiches

This should be an obvious one. Making a cold cut sandwich or a PB&J is the easiest thing to bring along in a plastic Ziploc bag. You can keep it simple, with turkey and cheese; make it more protein-packed, with peanut or almond butter; or go gourmet with some more toppings. Just make sure whatever you’re packing can withstand the test of time and bring a small cooler along if necessary. Don't be afraid to pack several sandwhiches because when you're out on the water, you can get hungry at any point. 

Chips and Pretzels

We love these snacks because you can easily take them anywhere and they come in a secure, sealed bag of their own. (Or get smaller, individual bags if you’re going out with the family!) Chips and pretzels are a perfect snack for being out on the water because they are filling and pack a lot of long-lasting flavor. A crunchy snack is a must but be prepared to share! 

Trail Mix and Granola Bars

Think of a fishing expedition like a hike—what would you bring out on a long walk to sustain your energy and keep you full? Probably something along the lines of trail mix, granola bars, or other protein snacks that are specifically designed to satisfy your hunger. You can even get creative and make your own trail mix to fit your taste.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and use your next fishing trip as an opportunity to experiment with different snacks and meals.

Remember to visit Slater’s Jigs before heading out on your next trip. We are proud to be your one stop crappie fishing shop with world famous fishing poles, reels, and jigs.


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