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Easy Trout Cooking Recipes


So, you’ve gone out trout fishing, and you’ve caught a couple big ones to bring home to the family this Fall. Your biggest worry is how you’ll be able to impress your family with cooking the trout for a delicious dinner. Here is an easy way to make your trout dinner taste great for the family!

Pan-Fried Cooking

After you’ve cleaned out the fish and prepared it for cooking, which should take you only a little bit of time if you’re good at cleaning, you’ll want to grab a big plate and mix bread crumbs, garlic, parsley, oregano, red pepper flakes, lemon, and salt.

Mix mustard and lemon in a bowl and then paint it on both sides of the fish. Then, spread the bread crumb mix on the fish, so it will stick to the sauce. Pre-heat the oven to 250 degrees F. Use a large skillet and put olive oil in it. Bring the pan to a medium-high heat and cook the fish for about 6 minutes. Flip the fish on the other side and brown it for 2 minutes.

Transfer the fish to the warm pre-heated oven and remove the oil and grease from the pan. Mix in butter and some remaining lemon juice. Take the fish out of the oven and serve on a plate, while drizzling the butter and lemon juice sauce on top!

Reverse Sear

Reverse searing meats like thick steak has been quite popular among chefs and cooking enthusiasts. It’s one of the best ways to cook meat for the best tasting and tender meat. This can also be applied to cooking fish like trout depending on the thickness. Usually, reverse searing is meant for thicker cut meats, but you can still apply it to trout. You’ll just have to adjust the cooking time, so you don’t overcook the fish. Check out some cooking magazines for information on reverse searing meats and maybe apply it to your fish. This is a tricky one, but it could be a great experimental project for you to try with your fish!

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