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Fast Facts About Crappie Fishing


Fast Facts About Crappie FishingDo you enjoy fishing in the spring and early summer? If so, crappie fishing can be an incredibly rewarding endeavor! This is spawning season for crappies, so they will be active and easier to catch during this period. And as an added bonus, crappie season usually offers some of the best fishing weather of the year throughout many parts of the country. Here are a few other fun facts about crappie fishing that might help you on your next expedition.

Crappie Fishing at Dawn and Dusk

If you’re going crappie fishing, you shouldn’t plan to go at high noon. Crappies feed at dawn and at dusk for the most part, so you aren’t going to get many bites from them during the day. Instead, you should plan to be out on the water when the sun is rising or setting. This will increase your chances of landing a good catch. There is nothing better than waking up early and getting out out of the house to fish. 

Crappies Hide in the Water

Crappies are found in large bodies of freshwater, and they prefer to spend most of their time living underneath rocks, weeds, and other underwater brush. This means it might take a little bit of effort on your part to find crappies and entice them to come out of hiding so that you can catch them. The best places to find crappie are large ponds or in the shallow parts of lakes where they can hide under the mud and rocks. 

Crappies are one of the best-tasting types of freshwater fish.

Crappies are known for having white flesh that is both light and flaky, and similar to the taste of bass. Many anglers find that the flavor is even better than bass, though. If you’re able to catch them, crappie will make for a great meal when you get home. 

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