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Fishing for Beginners


Fishing is one of the most relaxing activities to do, especially in the summer. If you’re considering fishing for the first time, it’s good to orient yourself to some tips and tricks of the trade. You don’t have to be an expert, but it’s important to be somewhat prepared before going out because you will probably get frustrated and give up quickly. Fishing takes patience and discipline. If you understand this, your experience will be much more enjoyable.


Here are some tips to take before you dive into fishing:

First and foremost, you should make sure you acquire a fishing rod. If you have one already, do a little research on how to use one. I know this may seem very obvious, but some people don’t know how to properly cast a line. This is one of the most important things to fishing.

By doing research before getting out there, you can discover which equipment is right for you to start out with. Simpler reels and rods are good to begin with.

Bait and Jigs – In Indianola, Mississippi, Slater’s Jigs provides the fishing community with a one-stop jig shop for crappie fishing, bream fishing, trout fishing, and ice fishing. This is a place where you will get the service and help you need if you’re a beginner deciding on the right bait and jigs to fish with. We provide fishing gear approved by fishing champions from everywhere.

Location is key – choosing the right location to fish or start out fishing is definitely important. You never want to give up quickly because you’re impatient. If you’re in the right location and using the right techniques, you’ll be satisfied with the process. Refer to our last blog post for the best places to fish in and around Indianola, Mississippi.

What to wear – wearing boots is a good idea, especially being near the water. You may need to wade in the water at some points. Bring extra clothes just in case of a change in weather conditions.

Things to bring – the essentials include fishing rod, bait and gear, and the appropriate clothing. The other items you should consider bringing are:

  • Food – bring a lunch or snacks because it may be a longer day than you think. Always bring extra drinks including water because the weather could be hot, which will make you thirsty. You never want to be dehydrated on a fishing adventure.
  • Bug Spray – there will be plenty of bugs out when you are near the water. Make sure to pack some bug spray. This will help you to not lose your mind if the bugs are out and about.
  • Small First aid kit – this comes in handy if you get a cut or scrape, as well as headaches and other minor medical issues that might occur while fishing.

Fishing out on the water

If you’re planning on sitting out on the water on a canoe or a kayak to fish, you should be prepared because safety is your number one priority in this situation. It can be just as peaceful and relaxing to be out on the water as it is sitting on the shore. There are other factors to be aware of though. It’s always a good idea to wear a life vest when in a canoe or kayak. You could be a great swimmer, but if you’re out alone on the water, anything can happen, and it’s good to be careful.

Don’t forget these essential fishing gear items

  • Fishing net
  • Long-nose pliers
  • Knives
  • Ice chest
  • Tape measure
  • Fishing license
  • Waterproof bag/box
  • Multitool

Slater’s Jigs

For all your fishing essentials and needs, Slater’s Jigs is the place to go. We have been serving Indianola, Mississippi with the highest quality crappie fishing gear and accessories. Contact Slater’s Jigs at 800-748-8711 today!


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