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Summer Fishing Tips for Trout


Summer fishing is one of the most relaxing activities you can do after a long work week. Everyone who fishes trout, or any other fish is trying to get better at catching more and more. Slater’s Jigs wants you to have the best tips for catching trout this summer.  


Here are the best tips:

Time of Day – When fishing in the summer, it can get pretty hot when you’re out on the water. It’s always good to try and go fishing early morning or at dusk. For your sake, this will make the trip more comfortable. This also helps because trout feed early and late. They will tend to swim to deeper waters when the bright sunlight during the day is beating down on the water.

Location – Inlets and outlets are the locations you should be focusing on. Trout are drawn to these areas because they transport oxygen, food, cool water and nutrients into the lakes. An extra push of water from a recent rainstorm will bring the bugs and insects in. Springs in high mountain lakes and natural ponds are great places that are often overlooked for catching trout.

Change it up – Don’t do what you normally do. Try and use different lures and baits to attract the trout. Sometimes when you mix things up, the results are better. Another thing to keep in mind is you may want to go to those trout fishing spots you’ve never been before. This could help in finding more trout, and if there are less people in these places, it may be beneficial to you to catch more.

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