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Crappie Fishing Gear & More

Nothing is more frustrating than getting out on the lake and finding out you didn't bring your crappie fishing gear. Crappie fishing gear is the most important part of any fishing trip. Without your crappie fishing gear, life is much more difficult.

Slater's Crappie fishing gear is a must have for any serious anglers tackle box. Or truck! How many times have you walked around your truck and caught your knee on the trailer hitch? Our Knee Protector is perfect for you! It easily slips onto your ball and then you don't have to worry about aching knees! Without a doubt this is one of the most important pieces of crappie fishing gear you could ever own.

Another of our crappie fishing gear items is the Jig Eye Cleaner. The Slater's Jig Eye Cleaner make quick work of any new jig heads you may want to try out. Once again another must have for any angler.

The most important crappie fishing gear items are Kwik Clips. These little beauties will make quick work of changing lures. Another great feature of this crappie fishing gear item is that it hold your jig in the perfect position! Clearly you can see how your crappie fishing gear collection could benefit from these.

There are some crappie fishing gear items that every crappie fisher needs: pole, reel (although truly optional I think you will want one), fishing line and some crappie jigs. I hope those are somewhat obvious but let us look at the crappie fishing gear basics first. Crappie poles are generally long, slender poles reaching lengths of 9 to 14 feet. I do not recommend a super long pole for someone that is just getting started or not ready for them. Longer poles have their advantages such as reaching into tight areas and also extending your reach from a central point. This is an advantage when employing a technique called spider fishing, using varying length poles you can create a blanket of hooks, often in a semicircular pattern.

The next item in your crappie fishing gear stash should be your fishing line. I like monofilament line, the line can be clear color or our favorite is the chartreuse colored line. The chartreuse line is available in the Slater's Premier Panfish line and this colored line is much more visible to your eye, yet does not affect the fish in any way. When choosing the test line for you, always pick the lowest test line that you feel most comfortable fishing with, the lighter the line the more action you will get from your Jig or live bait.

The choosing of the proper size Jig or hook is the last thing to do when getting rigged for your fishing trip. Once again choose the hook size that is as small and light as you feel comfortable fishing with, giving you better action. Don't set the hook like you are trying to yank the lips off the fish but rather just get the hook through the lip of the fist; usually with pan fish a simple flick of the wrist is good. With the basics out of the way you should be able to start fishing for the perfect crappie.


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