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Electric Chicken Jigs

One of the most popular color combos for crappie fishing is Chartreuse and Pink colors, often called "Electric Chicken". The "Electric Chicken" colors are some the most colorful Jigs in the Slater's Jigs family. These color combinations are sure to make that slab crappie go crazy with hunger. Chartreuse and Pink, a winning combination. Made in the USA.

Features include: Plump Colorful Chenille Body, Full Kip Tails, Duo- flasher Streamers, Quality Gold Hooks and durable High Quality Painted Jig Heads.

Comes Packaged: (3 Jigs Per Card)  (6 Jigs Per Pack)  (12 Jigs Per Pack)  (24 Jig Combo Pack)

Available Hook Sizes: #2 Hook -1/8oz Weight  /  #4 Hook -1/16oz Weight  /  #6 Hook -1/32oz Weight  /  #8 Hook -1/48oz Weight  /  #8 Hook -1/62oz Weight


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