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The Best Handmade Trolling Jigs Developed to Catch the Toughest Crappie, Bream, or Trout! Great for Ice Fishing Too!

A tried, tested and true fishing technique, “jig trolling’’ has helped anglers of many experience levels reel in a big catch.

Jig trolling is easy to learn, and can help anglers find success in a variety of settings and conditions. Of course, in order to successfully utilize this maneuver and troll for a crappie, bream or trout fish, it is vital you have the proper tools.

Slater’s Jigs offers a variety jig heads, including trolling jigs. Jigs from Slater’s are known for possessing superior durability, and for having the strength needed to finish the job when you get the nibble you have been waiting for all day.

Trolling jigs from Slater’s can even be used for ice fishing purposes, and they are available in an array of colors, sizes and bulk options, depending on your specific needs and tastes. Simply click on one of the images or product names for more details.

 An angler is often only as good as his or her tackle box, so make sure your box has the all of the jigs you need by shopping at Slater’s.

To learn more about the different jigs available or if you need help selecting the right trolling jig, do not hesitate to contact Slater’s Jigs today.