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Jig Combo Packs

Slater’s Jigs provides high-quality fishing lures designed to catch the toughest crappie, trout and bream.  The jig combo packs include a collection of hand-crafted fishing lures strategically designed to attract lively sport fish and help you battle them to shore.

Browse a colorful assortment of jig combo-packs to elevate your fishing skill and bring in your trophy catch.  Seven-time Mississippi Crappie Fishing Champion Eddie Slater puts a legacy of expertise and top quality into each lure to give every fisherman a fun, exciting and successful fishing experience.  The bright colors and tantalizing tails of each jig are specially crafted to draw the crappie, trout and bream’s hunting instincts through the water.  The irresistible designs entice a variety of fish from long distances and bring them straight to your hook.  The hidden hooks secure your catch to your line as you reel in your prized catch.   

Purchase jig combo packs from Slater’s Jigs and save!  Choose from a variety of kit sizes to optimize your fishing gear year after year.  Order conveniently online and try out your new jigs on your favorite waters.


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