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Squirrel Tail Jigs

Squirrel Tails have been used successfully by fishermen for years. Slater's makes a variety of Squirrel Tag Jigs in a Red Fox Tail & Gray Tail. The use of a Squirrel Tail is a productive way to catch that slab crappie. Made in the USA  

Features: A Red Fox Tail or Gray Tail, thread neck tie or a plump chenille body, duo-flasher streamers and a quality gold hook with a high quality painted head.

Comes Packaged : ( 3 Jigs Per Pack )  ( 6 Jigs Per Pack )  ( 12 Jigs Per Pack )

Available Hook Sizes: #2 Hook -1/8oz Weight / #4 Hook -1/16oz Weight / #6 Hook -1/32oz Weight / #8 Hook -1/48oz Weight

Both Available in 12 Different Colors!


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