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Teaser Tail Tube Jigs

Find the best jigs, lures and baits for crappie fishing, ice fishing and more from Slater’s Jigs!  The Teaser Tail Tub Jigs provide an exceptional lure for a variety of fish with a simple, hydrodynamic design.  White trout and bream as well as the crappie are all attracted to the unique dual- and tri-colored lure.

View the original Teaser Tail Tube Jigs online to find the best lures for your fishing style.  The soft plastic fishing bait endures years of vigorous fishing with a tough, durable design made from flexible materials.  The eye-catching colors and flowing movement of the enticing tails tempts schools of crappie, trout and bream from their hiding and hunting coves.  The small, clean jigs maintain their shape and color through hundreds of casts and lure bite after bite from trophy fish.

 Add the Teaser Tail Tube Jig to your tackle box and lure schools of crappie, trout and bream from your favorite lakes, rivers and streams.  Choose from a range of colors and pack sizes to compliment your existing fishing gear. 

Available Packs: 10 Jigs per Pack / 20 Jigs per Pack


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