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WHATZIT Fishing Bait

This is the "First" Soft Plastic Bait designed by the Slater's Jigs family, called WHATZIT. This bait has a tad-frog type body and tail with a dancing leg on each side of the body, giving the bait extra swimming action, making it hard for that Slab Crappie to resist.(Tad-Frog: a Tadpole in its first development stages of becoming a frog, with its two little back legs on the sides of the body, fish are crazy about tad-frogs) The WHATZIT is approximately 2" long, scented and comes in a variety of colors. Just add your favorite Jig Head to the Bait and enjoy your day fishing. ​Made in the USA!

Note: The WHATZIT also makes an ideal bait for Ice Fishing!

Comes Packaged:  (12 Per Package)  ( 25 Per Package)

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